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Guild infomation:
Our guild is basically made up of a large group of talented ladies of all ages.  This is a group ranging from beginners to advanced. 

Is the guild just only for Fiber Artist's?

Our guild consists of artist's of all ranges, Fiber Artist's, Spinners, Weavers, Felters, Knitters, Crocheters, Rug hooking, Sewing, Quilting and much more.

Do we have to join the group to come to a meeting?

Actually, no you do not have to join the group to come to the meeting.  If you want to become a member of the guild, that just gives you extra perks like discounts in our shop or online.  Newsletter and all the Updates on Events.

What can I expect when we attend the guild?

We are not a profit organization, so with that we do not have to follow any type of organized schedule.  We don't have a board, by-laws, minutes nor do we charge for our meetings. Profit groups are very structured and they have a fee every year to be a member. Our guild is nonprofit, we do accept donations. Those donations go to food, supplies for the meetings.  Our guild meetings are held in our Home on an Alpaca farms in the beautiful rolling hills of Brooksville or Spring Hill. 

Our guild meeting starts at noon. After the guild starts everyone  signs-in then sits down with their project and visits with all the ladies. During the duration of the guild, everyone has a drink or snack, Then our demos always start at 3:00 p.m.

When you attend our guild the very first thing you will notice is  that everyone is very nice and extremely willing to share.   You will get a feeling like you have known these ladies for a longtime.  Our guild is very comfortable and it generally is a gathering of crafty folks that want to share what they do and enjoy the company of others. Our guild is rather large with well over 149 members, not all attend the guild.  We average about 20 to 30 plus for our meetings.  Sometimes we have just a small gathering of folks. Every month we do a demonstration ( Past demonstrations included  Crockpot Dyeing, Silk Painting, Felted Hat, Felted Soap and much more ). 

Can we bring a guest?

Absolutely, we love guests!  Just let us know how many plan on attending with you so we can arrange seating.

What do we need to bring to the guild?

Bring whatever you are working on, or plan on working on.  If you are into fiber arts then bring your drop spindle, spinning wheel, felting, loom ( small of coarse ) Knitted or Crocheted item.  If you would like to bring a snack to the guild then that is great.  Drinks and snacks are always provided

How long does the guild last?

Our guild starts at noon and can run past four.  You know how it goes when you get a group of ladies together.  Everyone is so excited to talk about what they are doing and it is just a blast, some folks don' t even want to leave.  We have been told, gosh wish we could just camp out at your place.

Can we tour your alpaca farm when we visit the guild?.

We don't mind that folks take a stroll down to see the alpacas and angora rabbits.  The only time that we close down the pastures for viewing the alpacas is when we are expecting alpaca or angora babies.  We like to keep stress to a minimum.

Is there a cost to come to the guild or to be a member?

The guild , with us not being a non-profit we do not have to charge our members. 

Have you thought of becoming a profit group?

Yes we have put some thought into that, the only thing is we listen to our members, the majority of our members are not wanting to run for board positions and have the formal meetings with minutes and I have to agree with our members.  Everyone loves the fact that our guild isn't a formal gathering place.  Everyone loves the idea that they can relax and just enjoy the company of others.  Plus our guild members have spoken deeply about what  happens when you become a profit group and politics that usually follow. 

Is it ok for us to hand out our business card to ladies of the guild.

Yes please hand out your cards, shout from the roof tops what you do.  We do have a few things that we do ask of our guests.  First this isn't a vendor opportunity we ask that our members do not set up tables and sell products from our home like you would at a craft fair.  If you happen to have a few items that you have for sale with you and someone wants to purchase those items. Then that is fine also.   The guild isn't about me  nor my farm.   If you would like to hand out samples of your work to our members please do so. 

I see you have a store at your farm, can we shop when we are at the guild?

Our shop is open all the time. You do not have to feel obligated to shop from our store. As I have said before the guild isn't about me or my farm. Guest's  can shop at our store when the guild is taking place.  Mostly what ladies do is they shop and keep a tally and we settle up right before the ladies leave or at the end of the day.  It just makes it easier that way for everyone involved.  The guild is run solely by me and Reene so we are busy running around, answering questions etc,  so it's truly easier to check out later in the day.

Can we bring children to the guild?.

We actually have only had teenagers here at the guild.  We would suggest if the children are younger then ten and they are well mannered then ít's acceptable for a parent to bring the children.

There are alot of distractions that take place at the guild meetings.  So supervision is key to a wonderful time for you and the members.  Thank you kindly.

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Kimberly Buchy
Owner/Founder of Woodland Hills Alpacas and The Fiber Mill & Sunshine State Fiberarts Guild & SPIN It Art Yarn Group
-Melissa C.  2012
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